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I collaborated with Shopping Uncle to develop a robust e-commerce platform that showcases their diverse range of artifacts and phone covers. Through intuitive design and seamless functionality, we’ve crafted an online shopping experience that reflects Shopping Uncle’s commitment to quality and variety. Explore their enhanced website for an unparalleled selection of artifacts and phone covers.


“Abhishek, Thanks to your expertise in e-commerce website development, Shopping Uncle has witnessed remarkable growth in online sales and customer engagement. Your dedication to crafting a seamless shopping experience has been instrumental in our success. Highly recommended!”


Founder | Shopping Uncle


Since launching the e-commerce website, Shopping Uncle saw significant growth in online sales and engagement. The user-friendly interface and secure payment options enhanced customer trust and convenience. The platform also expanded Shopping Uncle’s market reach, attracting diverse audiences interested in their artifacts and phone covers.

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Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
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